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BELARUS Visa Pricing (includes Embassy and handling fee)
7 daysturnaround
Tourist Single Entry visa valid for 90 days with max 30 days stay $ 200.00
(+TAX $14.30)
Private Single Entry valid for 90 days with max 30 days stay $ 200.00
(+TAX $14.30)
*Above prices include Consular / Embassy fee, Visa Center fee. No other processing fees will be added.

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Belarus Visa Requirements

  • Citizens of 74 countries including Canada can enter Belarus without visas for up to 30 days stay. This is conditioned by entry and exit from Belarus through the State border checkpoint of the Republic of Belarus at Minsk National Airport only. The rule does not apply to foreigners paying official visits with diplomatic, official, special and other passports equal to them.
    To enter the Republic of Belarus visa-free via checkpoint «Minsk National Airport», foreign nationals must have the following documents:
     — a valid passport or another substituting document for traveling abroad;
     — financial means: at least 25 Euros (or equivalent in other currency) for each day of stay
     — medical insurance with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros that covers the territory of Belarus. You may get such insurance here.
    Note: Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, The Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa must comply with compulsory additional requirements:
    -a valid multiple visa of the EU member states or Schengen zone with a mark in passport on crossing the border of these states;
    -tickets with confirmation of departure from «Minsk National Airport» within 5 days from the date of entry.

  • Signed valid original passport (Valid at least for 6 months from departure date & min. 3 empty pages). Holders of other than Canadian, US or EU passports may be called for personal interview at the Embassy in Ottawa.
    Important Notice: Holders of the Canadian Travel Documents are eligible to apply for a private visa only and required to provide the original letter of invitation issued by Belarus authorities.
  • Filled out and signed Belarus visa application form.
  • One passport size photo. (Photo facility is available on-site - TORONTO, MARKHAM & VANCOUVER). Please note that photos from photo booth or home-shot photos are not acceptable.
  • FOR ALL FORMER RESIDENTS OF BELARUS! In accordance with the Belarus immigration regulations:
    a) all former citizens of the USSR who have resided on the territory of Belarus, but emmigrated before 1992 may obtain visa to enter Belarus on their current Canadian or other passports.
    b) all former citizens of Belarus may get entry visa if they:
    - have left Belarus from January 1992 to August 17, 2002 and - acquired citizenship of Canada or other country before August 17, 2002 and - obtained from Belarus authorities Certificate confirming the loss of their Belarussian citizenship
  • Tourist visas applications must include the required Belarus tourist visa support documents that may be obtained from HERE.
  • If applicant is a child under 18 years of age, a copy of child's birth certificate and copies of parents’ passport main information pages (with passport number, expiration date, photo etc.) have to be submitted.
  • Persons WITH DUAL citizenship, ONE of which IS Canadian, must apply WITH their Canadian passports only. Applicants WITH other THAN Canadian passports must provide the copy of the document confirming their current resident STATUS IN Canada (PR Card, Landed Document, WORK Permit). The price for the applicants with other than Canadian passport are higher.
  • Proof of applicant's emergency medical insurance (10,000.00 Euro minimum) for travel to Belarus. If you do not have one, get your BELARUS Emergency Medical Insurance here.
  • NOTE: Want to check if you prepared your Belarus visa application documents correctly? Click on the following link: and send us your file for quick evaluation.

Belarus Business Visa Requirements (additionally to the requirements above)

  • For short term single or double Belarus business visa: a copy of a letter of invitation (LOI) printed on the official letterhead indicating corporate registration number, date of the issue of this business invitation to Belarus, and signed by company official and stamped with a corporate seal. The LOI must contain the indication of the duration of stay in Belarus along with the guarantees by the inviting party that visitor will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens by Belarus authorities.

    For long term multiple entry Belarus business visa: original letter of invitation to Belarus along with the copy of the contract concluded between partners, and extract confirming the registration of the invitor as a legal entity in Belarus.
    If you do not have a letter of invitation for Belarus business visa, you may get it here.